RATTLES, more than toys?

Updated: Jun 27

Hand held rattles are more than toys! they are not just a source of entertainment for the little one but can also assist in an array of learning and sensorimotor skill development.

Holding up a rattle and slowly moving it from side to side stimulates the baby to visually track and coordinate the object with their eyes.

Hand held rattles are also a great way for babies to develop their fine motor skills as they try to grasp and hold the rattles, working on hand eye coordination.

The sounds that a rattle makes also sparks the cognitive development of a baby as it alerts them to perceive and experience sound.

The different textures of a rattle also stimulates the sense of touch and texture. Furthermore, as babies grow the sense of taste also comes into play as babies begin to "taste test" objects as they explore the world around them.

Heavenly Sent Babies offers a range of baby bundle gift boxes which include hand held plush rattles. Not only are they cute and match the theme of the baby bundle but they are practical in baby's learning!

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