1st Impressions are everything

1st impressions have a lasting effect and lets face it, you only get one chance to make a good 1st impression. That is why Heavenly Sent Babies pride themselves in taking that 1st impression very seriously when it comes to gift giving.

We believe that gift wrapping is not just about covering the gift with fancy paper or throwing a few items into a gift bag, we go one (or several) steps further:

NAME PERSONALISATION: A person's name identifies who they are and their connection to their name begins, well basically at birth. It is their greatest connection to their existance and makes the gift a personal one and more so, special to the recipient.

GIFT WRAPPING: This highlights the effort and thought process behind choosing a specialised gift. It makes your gift look professional and takes it to the next level of uniqueness. Your recipient is sure to take note and appreciate a beautifully presented gift.

HAND EMBELLISED BOX: What better way to display a personalised